You Can Have Your Pond & Look After It

You Can Have Your Pond & Look After It

January 17, 2020

Everyone who has the privilege of owning their own freestanding home should have a garden in it. From a sustainable and carbon neutral point of view, and for the purposes of promoting better and more natural forms of insulating the home and its grounds, the use of concrete and/or similar materials should be scaled down. Think about it. You wonder sometimes why it is so hot out there during the summer months.

It is the concrete slabs that are doing the damage. As strong as the sun’s harsh UV rays are, there is just no way that it can penetrate those slabs. Even if it is able to it will not be by very much. But with cool and green foliage all about the house, it can penetrate deep into the soil. The green and color-filled garden has that effect on the home environment. You might not notice this firsthand but it does cool things down.

Really, all you need is just a bit of basic commonsense to figure this out! Think about it. How does it feel to be sitting under a shady fir or oak tree? On a hot summer’s afternoon, it must be quite a relief. You do not even need to bring out the beach umbrella. The garden cools things dowe The addition of water features can cool things down still further. Make a modest little investment in a pond. And go further still with pro pond management. There ought to be a little marine life included to your pond-like reservoir.

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Living in the concrete jungle will always be a challenge for these vulnerable creatures of nature. And see how quickly all forms of marine life is stifled to death if that pond is never cleaned.

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