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3 Reasons Professional Tick Control is So Important

July 22, 2020

Electing to avoid professional pest control this summer is a regrettable decision for many people. Those who hire pest control companies often fail to include tick control marlboro services in their plan, leaving them vulnerable to this common pest and its many potential risks. Don’t be among those people when tick control service is affordable and provides protection on top of peace of mind. Read our list of three top reasons professional tick control is an important part of your summer plans.

tick control marlboro

1- Ticks Carry Disease

Nothing ruins summer faster than an illness or a disease that puts you in the hospital, on bed rest, or otherwise not feeling like your normal, happy, healthy self. Ticks are one of many pests that can transmit the disease to a human host. It takes only 24-hours for an attached, infected tick to spread disease like Lyme disease. This disease is one of the many ticks carry and can transmit! Worry no more after professional tick control services.

2- Peace of Mind

Everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes along knowing the family is protected. After professional tick control service, peace of mind comes your way. Enjoying time outdoors is easier and there’s’ much more confidence in those hikes and sending the kids outdoors. It is easier to sleep at night when your home is fully protected against pests such as ticks.

3- Protect the Pets

You love your pets and consider them a part of the family. Animals are also an important part of livelihood for many people. Humans are at risk of ticks and their dangers but so are pets and animals. If you have dogs, cats, horses, cows, or other four-legged friends, ticks pose danger to them. Protect the animals and your pets with the help of professional tick control service.