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3 Considerations for Phenolic Caster Wheels

January 16, 2020

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Phenolic wheels have long been hailed as some of the most budget-friendly wheels for businesses. However, a phenolic wheel may not be ideal for certain applications. Before choosing phenolic wheels for your equipment, there are some things you should consider – let’s explore these below.

They’re Strong

The load weight of phenolic wheels and casters is often high, allowing them to hold large equipment safely and easily. This durability is due to the fact that wheels are made using phenolic resin that has been molded into shape under high temperatures and heavy pressure. The manufacturing process results in a strong wheel that can support heavy loads.

They’re Inexpensive

Phenolic wheels are cost effective and inexpensive, so they can be replaced without making a large dent in your budget. They will, however, need to be replaced often if they are frequently moved or exposed to environmental characteristics. These wheels do not have a long shelf life but they are initially cheaper than most other options.

Ideal for Stationary Loads

While these casters are durable and inexpensive, a phenolic wheel can leave marks on floors when being moved. They’re ideal for stagnant loads that will not need to be moved much, preventing damage to the wheel and keeping marks off of flooring. If you will be moving the load often, you may need to replace wheels more often.

They Can Warp

Phenolic wheels are strong, but they are vulnerable to warping when they are cracked or exposed to water. When they are damaged, the wheels expand and their shape becomes irregular, making them difficult to push and move around. It can also throw off the balance of your equipment, leading to accidents and breakdowns.

If you’re considering phenolic wheels, you should consider their strength, price, movement capabilities, and possible warping.